Infinity Sign - Metal Wall Decor

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This beautiful hand made Infinity Sign was created using a skilled technique called heating. During this process the metal art will go through many stages and its the detailed eye of the artist to be sure the desired colors are maintained without applying too much heat. The piece is perfect for any home decor setting.

We also offer this piece in silver, please see this option under the primary color selection.

All our products are made in the USA with

***Please be aware that when you purchase a piece of metal art that has been heated, lighting is everything when displaying it. Meaning you can make the piece display some of the most beautiful colors, but it depends on light and reflection.

Key Benefits:

This You and Me Infinity Sign is perfect for any home decor area.
Made of high-quality steel so it looks great anywhere in your home.
Easy to hang.
Made with care in the USA and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use

Dimensions: 24” Wide x Proportional x 18 ga